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Orthotics | Winning the War on Posture


Support your spine and feel your own strength!

Support your spine and feel your own strength!

As a chiropractor, I think it’s important to invest in the things that affect your health the most. So, aside from food (nutrition), a quality mattress (for your “good 6″) and healthcare (that’ us!), it’s important to invest in supportive footwear.

Whether walking, hiking in the Black Hills, or working around town, it’s important that your feet have a stable foundation for your body.

A while back we talked about how your body sends you signals when it needs something, and sometimes that foot pain or back pain is telling you that your body isn’t getting the support it needs.

Support not just for your feet, but your entire body.

You know those beautiful high heels? We’re not talking about those.

We’re talking about the secret weapon you put in your shoes. Well, forget the secret part. They are your greatest weapon against bad posture, back pain, neck pain and overall discomfort. What are we referring to?

Orthotics, of Course!

Orthotics help even-out the pressure in your feet and support your arches, which then supports your pelvis and the rest of your spine and body. Next to chiropractic care, they are the best tool for outstanding posture and support.

A Worthy Investment in Your Health

When it comes to orthotics, you get what you pay for. And, we think orthotics are an incredible investment in your health!

  • By supporting all three arches in your feet, Orthotics create a healthier, more attractive posture, plus a more stable foundation for your entire body.
  • Orthotics are customized perfectly to you. They aren’t just some store-bought, generic mold so your feet and body get the exact support they need.
  • Orthotics last years and you can move them in and out of whichever shoe you are rocking that day.
  • Orthotics can also help you maintain your alignment longer after an adjustment.
  • And last, when it comes to comfort, they’re bliss! No more blisters or achy feet getting you down.

To sum it up, with custom Orthotics your feet and entire body get the support you need for that long work day, night out or just life in general. So take the right step towards better posture and comfort, give us a call and learn how orthotics can help balance your life!

Save 10% on your orthotics purchase during the month of February 2014!

Ready to give orthotics a try? Give us a call so we can setup a time to get you started.
Your feet will thank you!

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