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About Schwietert Chiropractic Clinic

Four Generations of Healing… I was Hooked!

Welcome to our Rapid City Chiropractic Office

Welcome to our office!

“With my father and brother nearby, I had great chiropractic mentors within my family,” says Dr. Jim Schwietert. “I was raised watching them treat their patients like family members and that inspired me to do the same.”

Here, You’re Family.

Schwietert Chiropractic Clinic was established in January 1984.

“I chose to practice in Rapid City as it was my hometown and my father and brother were practicing together here. I thought that it would be a great learning opportunity to practice with them as they are my role models. And, it was!

A few months before graduating in December 1983, I chose to start my practice with my father. We practiced together for many years, and I am blessed to have gained so much knowledge from him.”

Feel-Good, Thorough Care so You Can Truly Heal

There are many factors that cause sickness and we want to address all of them. We strive to help you heal thoroughly, not just cover up your symptoms.

Nutrition is always a bonus when combined with care, as our bodies need the proper food to heal and thrive. We employ active care with our patients, embracing the concept that an educated, informed, and motivated patient will achieve the fastest and best results.

Why We’re Different | Chiropractic & Patient Education

On your initial visit we’ll help show you how to live a healthy life! The educational aspect of our care is of utmost importance.

You deserve to know what is going on with your health, how chiropractic care can help, and what you can do themselves to manage their health.

“I have developed close relationships with my patients as I believe my patients deserve the best. I strive to deliver the best care and continue helping more patients achieve their desired health status. And, I’d love to help you next.”

Our Vision For The Black Hills

I’d like to see Rapid City less dependent on medications and return to a healthy lifestyle. With chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition and a balanced lifestyle, you can achieve health you never knew possible!

I believe chiropractic care can make Rapid City better, and I would love the opportunity to share the power of chiropractic care with you next! Contact usl to schedule an appointment. We can help!

Schwietert Chiropractic Clinic | (605) 342-0748

Helping families in the Rapid City,
Sturgis and Spearfish communities through chiropractic care.