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A Recipe from the Heart

Dr. Jim relaxing on the deck with Skeet

Dr. Jim relaxing on the deck with Skeet

This recipe has evolved from our love of BBQ, food and family. As a little girl my mom made amazing ribs – in her hot oven using Open Pit BBQ sauce. I love to take things that are great and make them mine– so, here is what we did. We used Pampered Chef stoneware (OH! Just signed up as a consultant!), used more seasonings, semi-homemade sauce and did it our way.

Why stoneware?

The stoneware makes such tender ribs that I don’t feel I should take credit for that. Just load the stoneware as directed and bake all day. The less you fuss with them the better. Cut the pieces into sizes that fit the pan you are using (Jim’s idea). I sprinkle on the rub and he fits the pieces into the pan. I add a little juice (sometimes fruit juice, sometimes broth – depends on whether I want to add a bit of sweet or salt.)

Bake hot for a short spurt to get things rolling, then turn the oven down. As long as there is moisture in the pan and the temperature is low, they will just get more and more tender the longer they bake.

Jim and Deb’s Dry Roast Ribs

I use Emeril’s Essence Seasoning mixing 50:50 with brown sugar. This will make 1 cup total to start (1/2 cup each). You can mix more if you need it! We buy spare ribs from Sam’s, which gives you 3 racks.

1. Preheat the oven to 450º.
2. Cut the ribs into thirds.
3. With a Pampered Chef covered baker stoneware, spray the pan with Pam.
4. Stack pieces of ribs into roaster.
5. Sprinkle with the seasoning on the top and bottom before putting them into the pan.
6. Continue to layer ribs and sprinkle seasonings into roaster until all meat has rub and is nestled in together.
7. Add some water to the bottom of the roaster, trying not to wash the seasonings off the meat as you pour in.

Time to Roast

Roast the ribs for 30 minutes at 450º before turning the temperature down to 325º for 2-3 hours. Then, turn it down again to 250º until you serve. There will be a lot of moisture in the pan at this point so be careful as you open the pan.

Tip: You can slow cook the ribs after this point in the oven. You just need to turn down the temperature a little until you serve them. You really can’t overcook them, just watch that they don’t get too much moisture and spill over into the oven. I call this a dry roast because they don’t cook in BBQ sauce.

Make the BBQ sauce in another pan. You can make homemade BBQ sauce or use bottled BBQ sauce and add garlic, pan juices and some of the rub seasoning.

Now, just enjoy with your loved ones!


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