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Children’s Health

Woman with infant child

Chiropractic care can help your child get a healthy start to life!

Why chiropractic care for your child?

Chiropractic care for your child offers a healthy start for a lifelong foundation of health and wellness.

Chiropractic care is much more than help for back pain… it’s all about the relationship between your spine and nervous system.

Your nervous system, which is protected by the spine, controls and coordinates all of the systems of your body. Issues in your spine can have a wide range of effects on your health, and your age changes how you express your health.

  • Most commonly an adult’s red flag to a problem in the body is in the form of pain.
  • For children, they most commonly express their problems through dysfunction in bodily systems or development.

No matter your age, the health and function of your body can be influenced to support the healthiest, happiest you! This is especially true for your child.

Say “goodbye” to stress so your child can thrive!

Children, like adults, encounter many stresses in development: physical, chemical, and emotional.

The earliest physical challenge that a child will encounter is often the development of the spine and nervous system while your baby is in utero. Fetal positions in the womb, can cause problems that complicate labor. However, they can also cause problems with the baby’s spine once born.

Our spines are designed to adapt and move in response to our environment, especially children’s. But, if the position is stressful for your child or if it’s a multiple birth, it can cause more stress than usual on your baby’s spine. Compound this with the normal stress of birth and the journey through the birth canal and it can lead to unhealthy spinal stresses.

Additionally, if interventions are used during labor, such as forceps, vacuum suction, or caesarean section, it can create additional traumas and compromise you child’s health.

We’re here to help.

Breastfeeding and more. One of the most common complaints we hear are difficulties breastfeeding, disturbances during sleep, reflux, colic, breastfeeding, chronic infections, allergic reactions, and inflammation in the body. Often these issues can be traced to irritation in the nervous system and can be helped with chiropractic care.

Trauma from birth. Many parents are now choosing to have their newborn’s spines checked by a chiropractor right after birth because of the trauma of birth on your child newborn. As your child grows and changes, they will go through many developmental milestones: learning to hold their head, sitting on their own, crawling, standing and then walking.

Growing pains. Additionally, micro traumas from learning these new skills and then involvement in activities that kids enjoy can cause more trauma, such as: falls, sports injuries, playground injuries, heavy school bags, sitting in a classroom, and now posture changes from cell phone and video game usage. All these physical stresses can affect you child’s health. By getting their spine checked by a chiropractor, you can give your child’s the best chance to for a healthy and happy life.

Listen for the giggle.

Chiropractic care for children is safe and gentle! Often times we hear children giggling during their adjustments as we make it fun for them. We’ll adapt care to their stage of development to ensure comfort and effectiveness too!

If you have any more questions on chiropractic care for children, click on the ICPA Research Articles or stop in and visit us.